Can you catch the shiny Togetic in raids in Pokémon Go?

Togetic in Pokémon Go has a chance to appear in raids, allowing you to defeat them and add Fairy-type Pokémon to your collection. Its evolved form, Togekiss, is one of the most sought-after Pokémon, due to its wide range of moves and how well it can take on most dragon Pokémon it meets. If you find it in a raid, is there a chance of picking up the shiny Togetic after the raid in Pokémon Go?

Does your brilliant crown appear in raids?

We can confirm that the shiny version of Togetic has a chance to appear after being defeated in three-star raids. Not every Pokémon in these raids has a chance to be a glossy version, and if you happen to see a Togetic in your local area on a raid, we highly recommend you to fight it. You have a good chance of facing a shiny version after you beat a Pokémon, which gives you the opportunity to expand your shiny collection.

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Besides wanting to add other shiny Pokémon to your collection, Togetic is a commendable Pokémon if you can evolve it into Tojikis. Many players in the Master League use it and find it very useful when you are fighting against Dragon-type Pokémon. It’s a powerful counter option, but it won’t beat every Pokémon you’ll likely find another player to use in Pokémon Go. If you are working on team building for the Master League, Togekiss would be a good addition, or you can use the Togetic raid as a good opportunity to earn XL Candy for Togekiss.

The chances of facing the brilliant Togetic during these raids are not in your favor. However, knowing that there is a chance of this happening is better than nothing.

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