Braves’ victory over Aaron Nola and Phillies is a tribute to the development of scouts and players

Braves’ victory over Aaron Nola and Phillies is a tribute to the development of scouts and players Originally appeared NBC Sports Philadelphia

Seasons come and go. The names change. But one thing remains constant for Atlanta BravesThey have put a competitive team on the field year after year because they are adept at crafting and developing talent that makes the difference.

The PhyllisThe Post-All-Star struggles continued on Tuesday night as they suffered a 6-3 loss to the Braves at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies are only 1-4 since returning from their All-Star break with another player to play against the Braves on Wednesday afternoon before hitting Pittsburgh Road on Thursday.

Phillies officials contract Aaron Nola He returns until game five after the All-Star break for some extra rest. Maybe it’ll pay off down the road because it definitely wasn’t Tuesday night. Pitching eight days of rest, double the normal allotment, Nola was badly damaged by the brave. He gave up seven hits, five of which were for extra bases, over six innings and took a loss.

Two local Braves players were particularly tough on Nola. The third baseman Austin Riley had a double RBI in the first half. He doubled back in fourth and scored. Rookie quarterback Michael Harris scored a second home solo run against NOLA in the third and an RBI double in the ninth.

The Braves picked Riley for 41st in 2015, 31st picks after Velez picked defensive linebacker Cornelius Randolph, who now plays independent volley. Riley, 25, finished seventh in the NL MVP race last year.

Harris, 21, was the Braves’ third-round pick in 2019. He made his major league debut on May 28 and has been a force since then. Tuesday night was his ninth in his first 189 major league games.

Riley and Harris were just two of the Braves draft success stories they passed along to the Phillies family on Tuesday night.

The starting of the Spencer Strider jug ​​was completely electric. The 23-year-old right-hander grabbed the Phils with three strokes over the course of six innings. He walked one and hit six, mostly with a vibrant fastball averaging 97.6 mph and topping out at 99.7. Braves knocked out Clemson Strider in the fourth round of the 2020 Draft.

In addition to Riley, Harris, and Strider, the Braves have received exemplary contributions from Dansby Swanson And the Matt OlsonBoth were acquired by the team in deals. Swanson had a pair of hits and scored two goals against NOLA. Olson hit Homer for fifth. He has four barriers in nine games against Phils this season.

The brave are 59-40, primarily nibbling at the toes mets In NL East.

Meanwhile, the Phillies 50-47. Today they entered half a game behind St. Louis to take control of the third and final wild card place.

On his previous round, July 17 in Miami, NOLA made 8 1/3 of the closing ins to send the Phillies to the All-Star break with a win.

It’s been hard to get wins since coming back from break.

Kyle SchwarberThe 31st Homer captured Phillies’ only race for the first eight innings on Tuesday night. JT Realmoto Homer hit twice in the ninth inning to make it a three-round game, but Phils didn’t come close.

Kyle Gibson And the Charlie Morton They are bowlers in the series finale on Wednesday afternoon.

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