Bloodshot Auzzy shocks Howie Mandel with a sword-swallowing performance on ‘AGT’

by Korean Atad.

4 hours ago

The judges of America’s Got Talent got an amazing show.

On Tuesday’s episode, they were greeted by artist Auzzy Blood, who immediately caught their attention with his gothic looks and “scary” tattoos.

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Auzzy, who made it clear that he was from Las Vegas, not Australia, described himself as “eccentric” and explained, “I basically like to put my life at risk for the entertainment of others, to show others, you can really accomplish anything you mind to.”

Judging from his performance, Auzzy immediately went for a sword and started to swallow it, then got down on the floor to do some very athletic pushups, all with the sword handle still sticking out of his mouth.

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

Halfway through, Howie Mandel called onto the stage to help put the sword down the performer’s throat.

“Oh, it’s stuck,” Mandel said after a moment, but continued to gently push the sword down, saying, “I can feel it” before pulling out the sword.

“I will vomit,” said the judge, returning to the office.

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Simon Cowell asked, “If you’re going to the next round, what are we going to see next? Because I’ve seen it before.”

Auzzy suggested, “How about the next time we break a world record on television,” which Coyle agreed.

Meanwhile, Mandel commented, “I’m disgusted and amused. You’re like Beetlejuice from the sideshows.”

In the end, Auzzy got four yeses, which sent him to the next round.


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