A security guard cries during Kendrick Lamar’s TikTok Video Viral concert

Kendrick Lamar’s recent live performance led to a security guard crying. While concerts and festivals are always special for music lovers. Sometimes these events end in heart touching moments. Like what happened recently with a security guard during Kendrick Lamar’s performance.

Read ahead to find out more about Kendrick Lamar’s live performance that makes a security guard cry.

Kendrick Lamar performance crying security guard

There are concerts and concerts all over the world. Among those, we had Kendrick Lamar also performing. Kendrick was recently in Houston, Texas for his concert. While there was a large audience standing there at the concert when Kendrick was performing. It’s one of the shows that captured a touching moment.

Kendrick was also performing his song “Love” live for his fans. One of the security guard’s reactions to his song caught everyone’s attention. In a recent video clip from Lamar’s concert, one of the security guards at the party was crying over Lamar’s “Love” song.

Security guard reacts to viral video of him crying at Lamar’s party

A video of the security guard crying while Lamar performed was posted on TikTok by user dejaihvu. The video on TikTok became so viral that it instantly got over a million views. However, the surprising thing that happened with the video was when the security guard himself commented on his viral video.

After viewing his video on TikTok and social media, the security guard made a comment on the video. Where he mentioned that he is in the video and that El Mar’s song “Love” means everything to him. He said he likes to be paid to be at such parties.

Tweet embed Man just bought a ticket 😩🤣 #Kunderclamar # Hahaha # O Lord ♬ Original sound – Dejaih Smith

Users react to the viral video of the security guard crying at Lamar’s party

No doubt, the video of the security guard at Lamar’s party instantly became viral all over. In fact, TikTok users were quick enough to respond to the guard’s video. Where someone said he didn’t need any ticket to be there.

While one user said that’s what happens when a song touches someone’s soul. Someone even said he’s lucky because instead of buying concert tickets he gets the money to be there.

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