A MultiVersus leak indicates that the iconic Pickle Rick will be playable

. Last update: July 27, 2022

It has been confirmed that MultiVersus will welcome the Rick and Morty franchise into the game’s roster of characters, thanks to a leak showing Rick’s gameplay and classic costumes.

Rick and Morty has had a major cultural impact thanks to the sci-fi show’s never-ending ability to produce memes, quotes, moments, and iconic characters.

As the show became more popular, so did its exposure because the duo, in one form or another, appeared in various games throughout the year – especially fortniteAnd the rainbow six sigAnd the Borderlands 3.

Now, the show is preparing for its next main game appearance at Warner Bros. ‘ MultiVersus. Fighting Game It’s already falling back very well with ridiculous numbers involved in the beta, and the option to play as Rick Sanchez might help his cause even more.

Rick and Morty reportedly headed to MultiVersus

If you’re not educated in the world of Rick and Morty, then all you need to know is that Rick Sanchez is Morty’s grandfather, known for his drunken, unconcerned selfish behavior, sparked by his incredible intellect as he is the smartest man in the universe.

Only a week ago, grumbling began to indicate that Crazy show was on the way In the form of a new fighter, plus a dynamic stage to fight.

Fast-forward a few days and we have unofficial confirmation that the leaks are true, with new evidence showing Rick in action, as well as the different outfits players will have to purchase.

Five minutes of leaked footage appears to show off some of the audio bytes Rick will pronounce, as well as his abilities, attacks, and overall gameplay.

If that wasn’t enough, another site on Reddit has scoured Rick’s various alternate outfits including the legendary Pickle Rick outfit, his regular daily attire, the Uncertain Badass Suitup, and another selection of outfits.

With a lot of fighters already in the game and More rumorsRick and Morty is set to be one of the many star-studded franchises heading into the game.

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