Why were false eyelashes invented? Look at the cosmetic supplement

Nowadays, false eyelashes have become a part of a lot of people’s routine, and even if you’ve never worn them before, you’ve definitely seen someone who does.

Beauty stores around the world are filled with different types of false eyelashes that you can apply on yourself with strokes of glue and with a steady hand.

But who invented false eyelashes? How long have they been around? Let’s take a look at the history of eyelashes…

When were false eyelashes invented?

Fake eyelashes were first patented in 1911 by a Canadian woman, Anna Taylor. The product was a strip of cloth implanted with tiny hairs to look like eyelashes. Four years later, hairstylist Karl Nestler began selling eyelash services in his salon. He said he was “the keeper of the glare of electric lights.”

However, false eyelashes were most likely invented as a beauty tool, given that throughout history (and to this day) long eyelashes were viewed as desirable. Such was the case in ancient Rome, when Pliny the Elder claimed that long eyelashes were a symbol of both youth and pious character.

Rising in popularity

In 1916, false eyelashes saw the beginning of their mainstream popularity when director D.W. Griffith decided that something wasn’t “right” with Cena Owen, the lead actress in his film Intolerance.

Griffiths had the wig maker glued human hair eyelashes to Owen’s eyelashes. As you might expect, it didn’t end well, and actress Lillian Gish later explained that poor Owen arrived on the set one morning “with his eyes almost closed.”

“Fortunately, Mr. Griffith did indeed shoot the important scenes,” Gish wrote in his diary.

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What are false eyelashes made of?

Eyelashes are usually made of synthetic fibers, human hair, or animal fur. The cheapest and most common option is usually synthetic, although it does not last as long.

PETA advises people to stay away from animal fur skins, saying, “Avoid cruelty: stick to wearing your own fur. And if you want to shine, always wear false eyelashes and eyelashes.” Select eyebrow extensions.

Eyelashes have evolved a lot over the years (especially since the age of Sina Owen) and now you can get magnetic eyelashes too. These work by placing your natural eyelashes between false eyelashes with magnetic strips. This means no more messy glue!

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