What is the trend of TikTok’s “You are like Papa”? Stranger Things Quote Spreads Very Fast

A throwback moment from Stranger Things is starting to take over TikTok, but if you’ve never watched the Netflix phenomenon, you may be left in the dark. So, this is what you need to know.

As TikTok has expanded beyond just being a platform for dance routines and lip-sync to songs, anything can go viral these days — and it usually does.

Many of these trends can be attributed to different voices, which range from remixes of songs and quotes from TV shows or movies to everything else in between. And that’s exactly what happened with the latest trends of a weird nature.

With the conclusion of the fourth season of the hit Netflix show, fans of the scary show have been bringing it back for season two and making their best impression on Millie Bobby Brown’s character – 11 – by setting off a teenage tantrum.

The ‘You are like Papa’ Stranger Things TikTok trend hits

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things, don’t worry, there aren’t any major spoilers here. Though, the second season came out in 2017, so it’s not like you didn’t have time to catch up.

Anyway, my new favorite app for TikTok quotes It comes from episode five of season two where Hopper and 11 get into an argument over her behavior. With the feud reaching its climax, 11 accuses Hopper of being “like Papa” – better known to Stranger Things fans as Dr. Brenner.

TikTokers use the quote to make fun of themselves for forgetting the consequences of things, with examples ranging from spending too much money while shopping, staying up too late at night, even making their own rude comments to their parents.

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Nearly 50,000 videos have been created using audio in the past few weeks, with the trend increasing towards the end of July as some of the recent videos have achieved astronomical views.

It remains to be seen how long it lasts, but given the popularity of Stranger Things, we wouldn’t be shocked if it’s been around for a little longer now.

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