The world of K-pop: Explaining the meaning of the black ocean

The world of K-pop has its own terms and ways of appreciating a k-pop group’s performance on stage similar to the one called Black Ocean. Well, if you are a die-hard K-Pop fan, then surely you must be familiar with the term Black Ocean and how it affects performance. But in case you are ignorant of it. Then we are here to make you understand the meaning of the black ocean in the world of k-pop.

Read ahead to find out more about the black ocean and its meaning in the world of K-pop.

The black ocean and its relationship to the world of K-Pop

You may have seen k-pop groups become more popular with the passage of time and then have their own light stick for the masses. What do fans use when they attend that group’s concert. The best thing fans can do with a light stick is turn it on when their favorite band is performing. This is done as a support act for the K-pop group.

When fans turn on the light stick during a performance at a concert. The ambient light among the fans is a pleasure to watch. It’s a job to support K-pop groups. But that’s not all the opposite also happens when they turn off the light stick during the group performance to show their lack of support. Which creates the black ocean among the audience. Thus, Black Ocean in the k-pop world means the part of the audience that shows a lack of support during a performance by turning off their light stick.

When does the black ocean happen?

Usually when a group’s audience does not support a k-pop group or their performance, an individual can only watch a black ocean in the audience. This site mostly appears at concerts where more than one k-pop group performs.

Sometimes, it may be due to lack of interest in the performance of the group. Or sometimes it is the act of the opponent’s group fans. Where they willingly turn off their light wand to create a black ocean. In the world of k-pop, there have been several instances where Black Ocean has happened.

What are the K-Pop groups that faced the Black Ocean?

Although all these things in the world of K-pop seem like normal things. However, both the light and the black oceans affect the performance of the K-Pop group. In fact, there have been many k-pop groups that have seen black ocean while performing at events.

One of them was Girls’ Generation, where during their performance in 2008. They saw a black ocean while performing at a dream party. No doubt there were other k-pop groups to perform at this event as well. In 2015, even Seventeen had a Black Ocean experience while performing at the MAMA Awards.

BTS also had to face a black ocean during the Melon Music Awards. Exo fans took their revenge by turning off BTS’s flashlight.

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