The Pokemon Go community is at a loss after the trainer fills the bag with more than 40,000 items

. Last update: July 26, 2022

Pokemon Go players were amazed to see a single trainer had a bag full of more than 40,000 items, baffling spectators who were baffled by how he managed to stack it.

One particular issue that Pokemon Go players routinely encounter is with storage management. Oftentimes people are denied PokeStop Spins or Battle Rewards for not having enough space in their bag.

Although Niantic was slow Introducing Quality of Life Updates To help players avoid some of the effects of rampant hoarding, this is still a recurring problem.

One player found themselves in trouble thanks to their insane stockpile of different Poke Balls, which had some coaches scratching their heads at how bad it was.

Pokemon Go players find themselves constantly deleting items so they don’t overflow.

Redditor ‘bellbang99’ reviewed their Pokemon Go boosts which showed them filling in about 120 times the space the game gave them.

In a bag that could only hold 350, their poor avatar was pulling out 41,211 items, which included a maximum of gifts, 30+ lure units, and 12,459 bok balls.

There’s nothing the other player tells us, but it’s clear that catching Pokemon may not be their main priority in their gameplay.

More than anything, some PoGo players have been wondering how someone can collect so many items without being stopped by the system.

“How?” asked one person. Another player responded similarly: “Same question here. Really confused.”

Fortunately, there were some people who were able to provide some answers: “You get items from raids and from syncing adventures regardless of whether your bag is full or not. It’s quite an achievement but not worth it.”

For those people who really want to max out their Pokemon Go bag, you can do that too – no matter how annoying it may be for the overall gameplay.

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