The live-action Eragon TV series is said to be in development for Disney Plus

. Last update: July 26, 2022

Popular fantasy adventure novel Eragon has received a TV show remake for Disney Plus, according to a report by Variety.

revealed by Exclusive source of VarietyA live TV series from Eragon is reportedly in early development for Disney+.

This report also claimed that executive producer Bert Salke will be under his Co-Lab 21 banner with the 20th television production.

Unlike the 2006 movie, this new TV series will cover the entire inheritance cycle. In essence, the series spans all four books: “Eragon (2002), “Eldest” (2005), “Bressingr” (2008), and “Inheritance” (2011).

Christopher Paolini, the author of the original series, is said to be co-writing the TV series. It’s hard to say when the Eragon TV series will be released since it’s early days, but it’s safe to expect to wait at least a few years.

The show is still at a very early stage diverseAt first, they thought Paolini would be a co-star. But the whole project “is still in such early stages that no such decision has been formally taken.”

Paolini LLC

The new live-action Eragon series is said to cover the full genetics cycle.

Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series was a huge hit in the early 2000s. Books have always been on display at Barnes and Nobles – each entry is distinguished by its rather massive pages.

The tale begins with Eragon’s discovery of a mysterious egg, which then turns into a fantasy-filled adventure.

Hollywood failed to capture the series’ charm in 2006. The film received a lot of hype, with rumors circulating that they would eventually cover the entire series after their successful debut. But a live action movie simply cannot impress the audience in the same way as books.

And now, more than fifteen years later, it looks like Disney+ is going to take another spin on reclaiming adventure tales in the form of live action media.

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