Review Logan Paul La as the “worst” of these 10 reasons

** Warning – spoilers are in front of you for nothing **

Jordan Peele’s Nope has received some great reviews and is described by audiences as one of his best works of all time. But Logan Paul feels otherwise.

The internet buzz took to Twitter on Sunday, July 24, to use Ten Points to review the sci-fi comedy Horror, calling it “one of the worst movies” he’s seen “in a long time.”

Here we have listed ten points/questions asked by Logan, who is highly critical of the recent movie. But, keep reading from here, if you want even bigger spoilers.

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Logan Paul calls Knoop ‘the worst’

Logan doesn’t hesitate to share his thoughts on Knope, while prompting others to think deeply about the film, pointing out aspects that don’t serve him well.

But he made it clear that it was not a problem with the acting of the film’s producer or star Kiki Palmer, but rather a problem with the plot of the film.

he is Wrote , “‘NOPE’ is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time,” before explaining that the movie “is thematically confused with slow, extended themes that don’t justify the pace.”

In the next post, before delving deeper into the plot, note that “WorryThe concept about chimps does not “cleverly connect” to the plot, in his opinion.

Since then, this series of tweets has gone viral, with Knope fans discussing the boxer’s argument.

10 reasons why boxers don’t like Jordan Peele’s movie

As mentioned earlier, only read on if you want to know spoilers for Nope as the movie’s plot is critically analyzed here.

over here ten reasons Logan listed it which makes Knope “one of the worst movies he’s seen in a while.

1.) “No one is curious how a quarter shot a man in the face and killed him? Or why was the key attached to the back of the horse he was riding?”

2.) “Why/How was the shoe based on Jordi’s house set? I’m sure there was a reason, but I couldn’t find anything that made sense.”

3.) “The cinematographer with a deep voice was in disguise for no reason other than being undercover. You’re telling me this guy was ready to die because he wanted better light to catch ET? truly?”

4.) “Same note: The guy on the motorbike. Why was his voice deep and mechanical, and dressed as an opponent, which would be a huge reveal. The suspense is too baffling for suspense and the story leaves a lot of open ends for fans trying to invest themselves in.”

5.) “My next point – the story is all over the place. The actress who got crushed on the sets of Gordy Home in a crowd of 40… Why? Shock factor for her injuries? Does she come to them all?? Does she come before the ET feed?”

6.) “Joop has been shocked by the phenomenon of hunter-gatherer marketing, and for the past six months, he has been feeding horses to ET in Heaven… But what will happen before that? This scary cowboy park what is its purpose?”

7.) “Why was there so much emphasis on horse names? They had title cards… why?”

8.) “Why did Barbie Ferreira, such amazing acting talent, use so little in this movie? Why was she even in the movie?”

9.) “An exceptional actor, a way of yanking all life out of Daniel Kaluuya, which makes him probably the most mundane vanilla character I have ever seen. There is no doubt that I am upset”

10.) “An extraterrestrial creature is advanced enough to completely change shape, activate an electromagnetic field, and move quickly and silently in any direction, between plastic puffs and viable food.” Can’t tell the difference? number.”

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The movie grossed $44 million at the box office

Nope is currently broadcasting in US cinemas

While Logan’s harsh reviews of the film have garnered a lot of attention and may have prompted his followers to see it differently, Knope has opened up to amazing reviews.

The film grossed $44 million at the box office over the weekend, Rotten Tomatoes reports.

Written and starring Jordan Peele, Kiki stars Daniel Kaluuya and Stephen Yeon in the lead roles.

In other news, what Keke Palmer said about Zendaya’s comparison to Twitter’s explosion

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