Pokemon superfan wins Reddit with crazy Charizard paper art

. Last update: July 26, 2022

One Reddit user went viral for their amazing Charizard paper art, wowing the community. Pokemon Fans want more from the artist – and those dreams can come true.

Reddit user ‘my_dog_can_dance’ managed to trend towards Pokemon subreddit For their amazing paper art, creating a Charizard paper model. Pokemon fan art is sure to do first-generation Pokemon rookie justice.

As for the model itself, Chargard could stand with his hand in the air, as if he was about to pounce to launch an attack. Chargard’s face is pointing downward, with his wings open wide in preparation for the attack.

The Charger model creation process Very broad, it requires 3D diagrams and layout before even dealing with the paper itself. appears in YouTube video artistThey seem to spend most of the time creating the 3D design.

From sketching the design, resizing and re-scaling, the artist puts an inordinate amount of detail into mastering the Chargard diagram.

Fortunately for those who want to create the artwork themselves, the artist actually Download paper designs online for free. Although much of the work is lightened, it still takes a lot of skill to put the model together effectively.

Pokemon fans couldn’t get enough, expressing their desire for other paper iterations of their favorite ‘mon’. Users have suggested that Gengar suits the look of the paper well, as Gengar has sharp edges.

“Gingar is a great idea. They said ‘I might just do it then.’” “Also on my list are Zapdos and Ho-oh.

“The wings on Chargard were surprisingly easy to build and I really want to do a flying Pokémon.”

Ho-Oh and Zapdos models would look amazing in this style—perhaps they’d be displayed mid-flight with a prop to stand on.

We can’t wait to see what my_dog_can_dance has in store for the next one.

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