Nick Cannon and baby Brie Tizzy needed ‘respiratory support’ after giving birth at home without treatment

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Nick Cannon And the bri ts They share real moments since the birth of their son, legendaryincluding the first moments that get on his nerves on Earth.

After a brief period Announcing that she was born She revealed to her first child – Canon 8 – Tizzy that all the details were documented in a new vlog shared on YouTube on Monday, which gave followers an inside look at her home birth without treatment. The video showed cute moments before his arrival, as Tiesi showed off the nursery and attempted to naturally induce labor at 41 weeks, all the way to the emotional “limited push” moments of delivery.

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In the first stills from Baby Legendary, Tiesi included a comment stating that “Baby had a long crown caused by an occipital hand (hand to ear), so needed a little respiratory support” from the midwife.

“I noticed he wasn’t crying,” Tizzy noted.

After some help from the midwife, Tizzy is seen cuddling the quiet newborn before a shrill cry erupts from his lungs. “Finally the baby cried,” she gushed. “The best sound I’ve ever heard.”

Canon can be seen by Tiesi as a consistent support partner throughout the long business. Later, in a sweet paternal moment, he offers skin-to-skin contact to the newborn and changes his nappy.

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“This was the most painful/painful moment but it was the most powerful and beautiful,” Tiesi wrote at the conclusion of the vlog. “The intensity of the birth is taking over your whole body. I swear I was pushing too hard, screaming and crying, and starting to break, and I started to doubt I could do it. I kept saying, ‘Why isn’t he coming? Get him out.'”

“At a certain point, I left my body,” she adds. “I didn’t remember much of my birth until my team sat down with me to process my birth, which I felt was very healing and beneficial,” she continued. “I can’t thank them enough and my amazing partner who showed us the f*. We love you so much.”

Tizi She spoke to ET before her baby was born And she shared how she’s dealing with all the chatter about why she chose to have her first child with a man who already shares many other children.

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“I’m not really an opinion on other people’s actions. That’s not really something for me,” she said. “When I first started speaking I was like, ‘I don’t understand why everyone is worried. Like, why are you upset with what’s going on in my house?’ To me, at Reality doesn’t really affect me. I understand the side of people and they are used to their traditional relationships. That’s what instilled in us. Whatever you want to call it has been happening for years.”

Find out more about this pair and how Canon makes sure of it There for all his sonsCheck out the video below.

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