Latest trade Kevin Durant asks Nets price

NBA rumors: Kevin Durant’s latest trade request price seeks nets Originally appeared NBC Sports Boston

Kevin DurantTrade order was I mentioned about a month agoand yet Brooklyn Networks The star is still not dealt with.

One reason for this is the large return package that the Nets look for in any deal that involves the attacking Hall of Fame future.

What exactly are you looking for in Brooklyn?

“Brooklyn wants a lot. They don’t just want a star young player, they want all of your choices,” ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said Monday at SportsCenter. “They want more, they want a commercial package that will be there with the deepest in terms of assets that we’ve seen in this modern era.

“And that, at the moment, is why there’s no deal, because the teams — they’re not competing against themselves at the moment. What you’re seeing is that the teams aren’t, yet, ready to put together their Kevin Durant rosters because, as much as they want (it), They want to believe they can still win the championship and have enough left over after doing the trade to get it.”

One team can put together a serious package for Durant Do you Boston Celtics. according to Shams Al Shaaraniya AthleteC . exhibited Jaylyn BrownAnd the Derek White And choose a draft for Durant. Charania also reported that the Nets rejected the offer and made a response.

While the idea of ​​Durant and Jason Tatum Playing together in Boston is interesting, the Celtics are not a team that needs to make sweeping roster changes.

Remember, this team was only two wins away from winning the NBA Finals last season, and it made Durant look intimidating in the first round by sweeping the net. Boston has made two really strong additions this season guard trade Malcolm Brogdon And the forward signature Danilo Galinari.

The Celtics, as they are currently built, are already the bet of choice for next season’s Eastern Conference title and NBA Finals in some places. Blowing up the roster to get Durant, though still a premium player, would be a real risk and could shorten the team’s championship period.

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