Kristen Stewart’s Irma Vibe Look Is Not Exactly What You Expect

This post contains spoilers for the HBO . series Irma Vape.

Kristen Stewart Had to appear in Irma vape. The question was not if but when the Creator would appear Olivier Assayas— who is also the only writer and director of the HBO mini-series — will recently post his favorite actor, drop it in meta, ruminate eight episodes in his own life (which is Based on the 1996 movie Assayas wrote and directed, which is itself a work of automatic, deceptive fiction.) In the Monday night finale, Stewart is finally revealed, playing an artist whose complicated relationship to fame is a perceptive reflection on the movie star’s real life.

Stewart plays Lyanna, Eamonn’s girlfriend. All Season, Mira (Alicia VikanderShe was curious about Lianna, in large part because she still had feelings for Eamonn.Tom Sturridge), who is her ex-boyfriend. (The duo rekindled things in Episode 4, after Eamonn trusted Mira about Liana’s recent tragic miscarriage.) Lyanna, as previous episodes revealed, is a famous singer. She appeared in the first few minutes of the episode, arriving at the Eamonn Hotel late at night after finishing a concert. Aesthetically, she looks… like Kristen Stewart, that is: covered in a Chanel coat, Chanel shirt, track pants, her blonde hair in a wavy ponytail, and her signature arm tattoo on full display.

Lyanna and Eamonn meet warmly in his suite, and then immediately chat. The entire time, Mira was spying on them in the next room, using her magical catsuit to walk through the suite walls and tap. When Eamonn asks how the concert went, Liana regrets that her audience is still turning young. “It was the usual sea of ​​rabid children at the age of eleven,” she joked. “I would give anything to cross over to a more mature audience.”

After the work discussion is finished, Eamonn and Liana take their conversation to the balcony. While Lyanna smokes a cigarette, Eamonn cautiously asks if he’s seen Mira recently. He admits they had a drink together, which caused Lianna to whirl slightly. “You’re in Paris. You’re bored alone. Maybe you need a little rest.” Eamonn wraps his arms around her and puts his face away. “It’s not a part of my life,” he said, relieving Liana’s fears. Then the duo go to the bedroom and that’s it. Lianna never found out about the affair, ending her story line on a false and happy level. Mira escapes with difficulty, retaliating by stealing Liana’s coat and dumping it in the hotel lobby.

The similarities between Lianna and Stewart are rather strong, at least at first. Stewart will surely know what it’s like to be obsessed with a young audience, after he rose to stardom with the blockbuster movie. twilight Franchise, based on the bestselling YA vampire series. Although the movies made it endearing to tween and tween fans, Stewart made the conscious choice to weave a more mature fare between the two of them. twilight The movie, including toys Joan Jett in Fugitives Biography and Marylou in an adaptation On the road. Two years after the final twilight In cinemas, Stewart has officially moved on to the next stage of her career, playing a supporting role in the movie Assayas. Clouds Silas Maria. This was her first collaboration with a French director, and this collaboration was fortunate: the role earned Stuart César for Best Supporting Actress, making her the first American artist to win the prestigious French award. She and Isaias will meet again in a moody ghost drama personal shopper, Stewart plays a woman searching for signs of her late twin brother in the afterlife.

However, the similarities between Stewart and Lianna aren’t quite as dramatic as the similarities between Stewart and Mira. Irma Vape It’s all about preparations. The director’s character, Rene Vidal, is a replacement for Asayas himself. Mysterious jade is an alternative to Maggie Cheung The original star of erma vape, who was previously married to Assayas before their 2001 divorce and final cut. Mira, an American movie star with deals for luxury brands and who cycles between blockbuster Hollywood movies and serious French prices alike, can be interpreted as an alternative to Stewart. Assayas said Vikander was his first choice for the role, but admitted that Stewart was an inspiration.

He previously said, “I don’t know that many American actresses” Vanity Fair“So when I write a part for a young American actress, yes, I take inspiration from what I spied on from Kristen.”

Speak the same in another interview. “There must be elements of Kristen,” he said. The The New York Times. “Kristen chases the movie.”

objectively, Irma Vape About the living ghosts of Assayas’ past. Cheung – who declined Assayas’ request to work on the series – is the dominant ghost, but Stewart comes in at a close second. Her presence at the end, a welcome effort of charisma, finally brings the meta-narratives full circle.


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