Kanemozi, Sushmita Deep, Dola Sen are among 11 MPs for Rajya Sabha suspended for a week

TMC’s sushmita deepSantano Sin Dola Sin and DMK Kanemosi He was among 11 other lawmakers suspended from work for the rest of the week for misconduct and slogans, according to media reports.

Procedures in Parliament He remained paralyzed for another day due to the suspension.

On Monday, the government dismantled the whip against the protest lok sabha MPs pushed through a motion to suspend four opposition MPs for the remainder of the monsoon session.

Members of Parliament suspended for “unbridled protests, including carrying banners” in the House of Representatives were Mannekan Tagore, Guthimani, T.N. Prataphan and Ramya Haredas, who were part of the opposition protest and raised slogans in the Well of the House due to inflation and some of them. Goods and Services Tax rates.

Members of Parliament suspended due to “wild protests, including carrying banners” in the House of Representatives, Mannekan Tagore, Guthimani, TN Prataban and Ramya Haredas, who took part in the opposition protest and raised slogans in the House well over inflation and some GST rates were .

The decision was conveyed within an hour of Parliament Speaker Om Birla warning protesting opposition MPs that carrying banners was against the rules and that those who insisted on doing so after 3pm might have to go out.

Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha They witnessed repeated delays as opposition members stuck to their demand that all work be suspended and an immediate discussion was held on the price hike and GST hike while the government confirmed it was ready to discuss the issue at once. finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recovering from COVID-19.

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