Jerry Jones takes a dead goal to 3 former Dallas Cowboys players for not having them

hall of fame Cowboys in Dallas Corner player Deion Sanders once said, “If you think I’m talking about you, I’m talking about you.”

Well, the spider senses the receiver of ex-cowboy players on a large scale Amary CooperLa’el Collins and defensive end Randy Gregory It must be pricked after Malik Jones shot them during a press conference opening a training camp on Tuesday.

Jones said availability or lack thereof was the main reason the team was allowed to leave after the 2021 season, which made them unreliable in the team’s pursuit of the title.

“Let me be really clear, we’re in a sport where in football, definitely your skill level and your ability to be a player is why you’re considered a player,” Jones said. “Most of all, these decisions we made for the senior players who are not here, had to do with their availability and my concerns about their availability.”

Cooper traded at Cleveland Browns. Collins was released and signed with Cincinnati Bengals. Gregory initially decided to return to the Cowboys before reneging on a deal and signing with Denver Broncos After Jones did not comply with his demand to void a clause of his contract.

All situations were different.

But the end result was the same and the reasons were synonymous, according to Jones.

He didn’t mention them by name.

But it was clear who he was talking about.

“We lost three really outstanding players,” Jones said. “These players were among the top ten of our players making the most money. When you get to this place, I can tell you, your standards go up. Your bar is higher, your behavior is higher, your attention to the team is higher, not just with your performance but everything.

“When you have that kind of responsibility, which you do when you have a lot of financial pie. What I’m trying to say is that these decisions were made more about availability than capacity, and they were made in terms of how you got to not being there sometimes.”

Much talk surrounded the team’s decision to trade Cooper to The Browns in the fifth round of his $20 million base salary and the realization of producing a No. 1 receiver.

But Jones’ comments reveal that the team was also disappointed that Cooper was one of only two players on the squad to have refused a pre-season COVID-19 vaccine.

Cooper missed two games during the season after testing positive for COVID-19, and the Cowboys lost competitions against Kansas City Chiefs And the Las Vegas Raiders.

Cooper was then fined $14,650 by the NFL in December for violating COVID-19 protocols for non-vaccinated players by attending a Dallas Mavericks game last week and not wearing a mask.

Collins, who missed the 2020 season for hip surgery, missed five games for the 2021 season due to suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy.

He was also accused of attempting to bribe a drug testing director.

The suspension was reduced to two games because Collins decided to appeal and replayed five games.

Collins was cut by the Cowboys in March, freeing up $10 million in cover space.

He missed the start of Bengals training camp on the non-football injury list.

Gregory’s situation is confused as the Cowboys have sided with him on a number of issues.

He was suspended for 14 games in 2016 for violating the NFL’s drug policy.

He was suspended for the entire 2017 season, two games in 2018 and the entire 2019 season due to multiple violations.

He was suspended for the first six matches of 2020.

Gregory missed five games in 2021 due to injuries but the team believed in his potential and offered him a five-year contract extension.

But when he refrained from the language of the deal, Jones washed his hands. Gregory has never played a full season in his career and has never picked up more than six sacks in a season.

Gregory opened a training camp with Broncos on the list of physically unable to perform.

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