Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures: Her Sexiest Swimsuit Pics

Since she first appeared on the acting scene in the early 1990s, Jennifer Aniston She remained a Hollywood icon. The blonde bombshell has shared screen with legendary stars, won countless awards and demonstrated her incredible sense of style on red carpets all over the world. The friends Alum’s bikini pictures will give you some major fashion inspiration!

Jennifer wore some memorable looks during her 10-year career as Rachel Green friends. The Emmy winner rocked everything from jumpsuits to plaid skirts, pastel dresses, sheer turtlenecks and skinny pants on the popular sitcom. Fashion trends by Jennifer and her colleagues Courteney Cox And the Lisa Kudrow A group in the 90s that is still incredibly popular today.

Besides her clothing choices, the star has also worn a memorable lipstick color during many episodes. She died in an August 2017 interview with joy My favorite “browny brick” lip color on the show was MAC’s Paramount lipstick.

More than 17 years after the series aired its final episode, Jennifer revealed the only piece from the collection she’s kept and is still wearing.

“The dress that Monica wore in her outfit, I took it off, and I still wear it and wear it to this day,” she said during an interview in May 2021. People. “It’s very little flowers with a V-neck in black lace and a little, like–what are those called?–cap sleeves, but a little bit, like ruffles.”

In June 2022, Jennifer gave fans a taste of nostalgia, wearing the dress for a photo with her hairstylist, Chris McMillan. “Does the dress look familiar? I still get it!” She commented on her Instagram story.

When you’re not filming one of her famous series like morning show Or work with her boyfriend Adam Sandler In one of his projects, Jennifer is a big fan of taking trips to Mexico. The California native loves to wear a bikini, something she hopes to continue doing with age.

“If I can be the first 80-year-old to get out there successfully in a bikini, I’ll do it,” Very bad managers said the star People In January 2016. “I don’t think anyone needs to hold back anything because of age. This is absolute BS. All alone! Everyone needs to stay in their backyard.”

Keep scrolling to see these adorable bikini photos from Jennifer.

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