How to Get Adele’s Redesigned Las Vegas Residence Tickets

Adele was excited to announce the new dates for her stay in Las Vegas. Tickets are now on sale and sell for thousands of dollars. However, preference will be given to those who have previously obtained tickets through a fan-verified pre-sale.

Adele disappointed fans by canceling her shows earlier this year. She called her decision to pull the plug on concerts at Caesar’s Palace as “brutal” during a conversation with Lorraine Laverne for the Desert Island disc.

Greetings! The singer is happy to have her show back in November 2022. Here all the details are given.

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How to get Adele’s Las Vegas tickets

Tickets for Adele’s upcoming concert are already on sale and will go for thousands of dollars.

You can buy it from many ticket platforms such as Stubhub and Ticket Network. At the time of writing, tickets are not available on Ticketmaster.

The cost ranges from $600 to $40,000.

According to Bloomberg, two tickets on Monday cost $41,280.

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hypnotic | Official Trailer | Netflix



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Weekend with Adele’s Verified Fan Details

Although limited additional tickets are available for the Adele Show, priority will be given to fans who already have or have registered tickets for the original show dates and have been waiting for the weekend with Adele’s Verified Fan Presale.

The refunded fan presale begins August 10 and is available to concertgoers who made purchases on the same site but received a refund. They will receive a mail invitation from Ticketmaster on August 3.

Those who registered earlier and were on the waiting list will be able to access tickets on August 11th. You can register for the fan-verified public pre-show until August 7.

Meanwhile, fans who already have tickets can get their money back by August 1.

When will Adele tickets go on sale?

Invitations and codes redeemed from Fabs will be sent to eligible persons by the evening of August 9th.

The pre-show will take place on August 10 from 10AM PT to 10PM PST.

Regular pre-sale invites and codes will be sent out to certified fans by the evening of August 10, and the pre-sale will take place on August 11 between 10AM PT and 10PM PST.

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