GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance: If people love their children, they will stay in violent marriages

From the representative of the United States declaring verbatim in a letter that female abortion rights advocates Too ugly for him to have sex With, for a lieutenant governor candidate warns against reproductive freedom It leads to women getting jobsto 195 Republicans voting in the House of Representatives Against a bill protecting access to contraceptivesto the elected official to blame Mass shootings of women with rightsThe Republican Party has made clear how it feels about women. (And young girls, looking at conservatives who think it’s okay duty She is 10 years old to give birth to the child of her rapist.

Senate candidate for Ohio, USA JD VanceIt was opinions about women free of ambiguity For a while now – it’s been before Call Rape is “uncomfortable” and He said Abortion is as morally outrageous as slavery – but just in case anyone is completely unaware of their situation, a recently discovered clip showing the venture capitalist makes it unmistakable.

Speaking to Pacifica Christian High School last September, with the interview published By Vice News on Monday, Vance claimed that divorce takes a heavy toll on children and that it would be best for people in unhappy marriages to stay together, even if said marriages were “violent.” Vance told the audience, “My grandparents’ marriage was incredibly messy in so many ways. But they never divorced. They were together until the end, until death do us part—that was really important to my grandmother and grandfather. That obviously wasn’t right by the ’70s or ’80s. And I think It is possible that I myself, and a lot of the children in my community who grew up in my generation, have personally suffered from the fact that so many mothers and fathers consider marriage a basic contract, like any other business transaction. Once it becomes invalid for one or both parties, you have to Just dissolving it and moving on to a new working relationship. But this acknowledgment that marriage was sacred I think was a really powerful thing that brought a lot of families together. And when he disappeared, unfortunately he suffered a lot of kids.” Vance felt that “it is easy but perhaps also true to blame the sexual revolution of the 1960s” for this.


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Vance writes in his book, hillbilly epitaph That his grandfather was a “violent drunk” and his grandfather a “violent evil”. In one tale, he said that before he was born, his grandmother told his grandfather that she would kill him if he came home drunk again—and when he did, she tried. “Mama, she never lied, quietly pulled out a can of petrol from the garage, poured it all over her husband, lit a match, and dropped it on his chest. When Papaw caught fire, their 11-year-old daughter jumped into work to put out the fire and save his life,” he writes. Vance. While Vance writes that his grandparents’ marriage improved when he was a child, and that the two were a stable force in his life, it is very disturbing that this person who wants to become one of the most powerful people in Ohio has also suggested that it was a good thing to remain two violent people – one of whom tried on What seems to be killing the other – together, they recommended to others to take a page from the game’s brochure.

While the aforementioned tale is about a woman who inflicts violence on a man, if Vance’s advice to husbands was followed, there is no doubt that it would hurt women the most. disproportionately affected by domestic violence. And while it probably won’t be news to anyone but Vance, According to the World Health Organization, “Children who grow up in families where there is violence may suffer from a range of behavioral and emotional disorders. These can also be associated with perpetration or exposure to violence later in life.” The World Health Organization also notes that “intimate partner violence has also been associated with higher rates of infant and child mortality and morbidity”. So yeah, you probably don’t listen to this guy about anything.


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