Drew Scott Weight Loss Pictures: Fitness, Exercise Secrets

Members royal brothers You are there every step of the way Drew Scott And the Jonathan Scotttrip like HGTV stars! The couple shared glimpses of their love life, stories about their family and details about their personal transformations over the years. Drew underwent a drastic weight loss journey in 2017.

Drew appeared in season 25 of Dancing with the stars. The TV character has been paired with a professional dancer Emma Slater to compete. Judges have consistently admired his vibrant personality and impeccable execution. The pair eventually finished the competition in fourth place.

throughout the competition, brother vs brother The star lost 34 pounds. He flaunted his stomach by going shirtless during his two shows. Above all, Drew was glad that he discovered his love for ballroom dancing at the most famous ballroom in the world.

“I just feel great. I have more energy and I can’t stop dancing,” he said. us weekly November 2017. “I’m going to be the most annoying person ever because I’m going to dance everywhere I go. My brother will say, ‘Stop dancing in the show already!”

During that Dancing with the stars During the trip, Drew received support from his current wife, Linda Fan. I attended the recordings and shouted him in the crowd. The TV host remembers Linda’s reaction to his new look: “She’s like, ‘Oh, hey, my God.'”

Years later, Drew shared another part of his healthy routine that has become so important to him over the years.

“My wife, Linda, and I have found that better sleep is the product of everything we do in our lives,” he said. Restonic.com In 2020. “If we eat better, exercise and invest in our relationships with family and friends, it naturally helps us sleep better. One good thing leads to another.”

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple enjoyed spending time together at home, cooking and making lasting memories. In the December 2020 issue of Drew + Jonathan revealedThe couple shared that one of their favorite recipes back home together was vegan macaroni and cheese.

“We made this recipe,” Linda said. “I’m not very good at following recipes and often put a bunch of things together and hope for the best. This one works so I jotted it down. I’m the head chef in our house, but Drew is the best assistant cook!”

Keep scrolling to see photos of Drew’s weight loss transformation through the years.

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