Cubs Chip Swap Ian Hap and Wilson Contreras Share ‘Special’ Moment

Watch: Trading Hub Chips, Contreras Share a ‘Private’ Embrace Originally appeared NBC Sports Chicago

Wilson Contreras And the Ian Hap Share a long embrace in Cubs‘dugout after Tuesday’s win over Pirates, a ‘special’ moment amid the duo’s uncertain future.

Huap Contreras waited in the dugout after the Cubs won 4-2 and the two shared a 15-second hug caught on camera.

“I went downstairs and Hub was waiting for me and she gave me a sweet hug,” Contreras said. “It was a really great moment for both of them [of us].

“That’s the only thing I know. That’s the only thing Ian knows.”

Contreras had long been expected to trade by the August 2 deadline, a fact he came up with. He was emotional after Monday’s game as he discusses what will happen next week.

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Hap appeared on the rumor mill not only recently but also It appears to be a strong candidate to be transferred.

Tuesday was the Cubs’ last home game before the deadline, which also makes it the last home game for Contreras Wahab at Wrigley Field.

The two wanted to soak everything in it.

“There’s nothing like a W at Wrigley Field after you play that song and you see W flags around, and people stay and enjoy it,” Happ said. “I wanted to be there and accept that.

“But Wilson, we’ve played together for a long time and we can all be there for him and give him a hug. These are really special moments to forget.”

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