Anil Agarwal | Vedanta: “I only had one gray suit that helped me close many business deals.” Vedanta coach on the importance of wearing the right clothes

Looking for a job or rushing to a meeting, one must have heard time and time again the importance of dressing appropriately for professional outings. In the mad rush to outperform peers and most importantly stand out in a sea of ​​faces, a professional lift has become a must. Besides the great sense of professional attire, it is also important to be in the right place at the right time.

Leaders who have carved a place for themselves in global business organizations have inspired millions of people to become beginners themselves. Time and time again they have enlisted their Success Mantra to offer young people a glimpse into what they need to transform themselves into influential leaders in the world.

Recently, founder

And the Anil Agarwaltook him LinkedIn An account to share some of the life lessons he continues to nurture. The 68-year-old shared a long post about how to read ‘CinderellaFor his granddaughter, Mahi, who is seven years old, she took him to memory. The billionaire businessman remembered his years of struggle in Mumbai.

Agarwal said his granddaughter’s favorite part of “Cinderella” was when the fairy godmother performed magic and transformed into Cinderella. When asked why she liked the role, the seven-year-old replied that she wanted to become a fairy godmother because it would allow her to be who she wanted to be. That’s why the industrialist said, “What, no one but you has the power to change yourself.”

Appropriate dress and title

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The businessman said this small exchange reminded him of his struggling days. He emphasized that over the 40 years of his career, he had always believed in the proper ‘dress and title’ motto. By dress-appropriate, Agarwal said, he meant that one should always make sure one’s clothes were clean, not necessarily needing to be expensive, but crisp and clean enough to make them special.

The business leader explained that for him the “correct address” meant two things – location and being kind to everyone. According to him, getting close to where all the action takes place helps one make an impact. Second, a correct address also means treating everyone or treating them with kindness and respect, regardless of who they are. “These two words are very simple, but to me, they carry a lot of meanings,” Agarwal wrote.

One Band-Aid for Success

In his position, Agarwal said that in his early years, he dressed like the person he wanted to become. He also stated that he would skip meals to save money for high-level meetings in Oberoi, which was a popular destination among prominent investors. Agarwal will arrive early to iron his clothes on the Dhobi roadside.

The stature industrial billionaire went on to reveal that in his early days he wore only one gray suit. He said he used to wear the gray suit over and over again and that the suit helped him close many business deals.

Dressing mustache and kindness

Agarwal later shared his experience in London where he easily adapted to the British method. He emphasized that dressing sharp and addressing everyone humbly helped him make the best first impression. “Likewise, when I moved to London, I used to spend time in areas where I could meet potential investors and bankers. The British were very interested in their clothes, so I mixed myself with their culture. Dressing elegantly and addressing everyone humbly helped me make the right first impression.”

Towards the end of his long position, Agarwal said that no matter what, one should make their hard work his fairy godmother. “In the business hall, let hard work be your fairy godmother. Not to change who you are, but to turn on the magic and bring out the best in you,” the business leader wrote.


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