X Prequel Pearl gets a new poster featuring Mia Goth

new sticker for PearlT-West prequel movie XIt was released to feature Mia Goth in the title role.

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The new poster comes ahead of the announcement of the movie scheduled for release tomorrow. It shows the gothic poster, with bloodied hands, staring straight into the audience’s eyes. A black and white photo of a goth can also be seen preparing to swing an ax down at someone beneath it, raising potential chaos that will appear in the upcoming movie.

Check out what’s new Pearl poster below:

Pearl was originally featured in the 2022 horror movie XShe is also played by Goth, albeit in a lot of makeup to look much older. In the movie’s post-credits scene, a trailer for Pearl It was played, although the trailer was not released or included in any of the film’s versions.

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development for Pearl Started during production Xwith director T. West writing the movie while filming as well X. take photo Pearl It was done in secret as soon as the photography of . was completed Xwith both films being shot simultaneously in New Zealand XThe cast and crew are on hand. Pearl Set in the year 1918 during World War I, you will explore Pearl’s backstory and how she becomes the villain she is X.

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