Roberts Smith accused of “stalking” for crimes

A US Special Forces soldier told the judge that a US Special Forces soldier was so obsessed with awarding Ben Roberts Smith that he heard rumors and began looking for war crimes.

In the second and final week of filing closing arguments in federal court on Monday, attorney Arthur Moses said another Special Forces soldier’s account contained “more holes than Swiss cheese.”

The veteran is suing The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Canberra Times for defamation over 2018 reports alleging that he committed war crimes in Afghanistan including murder, bullying and domestic violence.

The 43-year-old denies all allegations of wrongdoing, while newspapers defend them as true.

Mr. Musa claimed that many of the former and still serving elite soldiers called by the mast chiefs were liars, liars and lacking in credibility.

He said the witness, nicknamed “The Seventh Person”, was so obsessed that Mr. Roberts Smith was awarded the prestigious and rare medal for which he campaigned with the media.

“To do everything in his power to throw mud at (Mr. Roberts Smith)…and engage in a war of words…in the dark and through the media.

“The seventh person heard rumors…and because of the Victoria Cross he started looking for war crimes.”

The attorney introduced another former SAS, named Person 14, who lied to the court about the story being “overturned” on numerous occasions.

“Lies are dripping from this man’s evidence,” said Mr. Musa.

Person 14 testified that he observed a soldier wearing Mr. Roberts Smith’s signature camouflage paint and carrying his Minimi automatic weapon on a mission to the Taliban compound named Whiskey 108 in 2009.

He said the soldier threw a figure to the ground before unloading a lengthy charge of Minimi fire on them.

The lawyer said notes from journalist Chris Masters dated February 2018 about his meeting with Person 14 stated that another soldier had shot the prisoner with a fake leg.

“But he said to your honor that he told Mr. Masters that Mr. Roberts Smith had shot the man with a prosthetic leg,” Moses said.

He never told Master Masters that, as it would have been too hot for Master Masters, he would have stumbled upon himself to get into the editors’ room.

“Bloy Wolf carried himself up to the point where he lacked any credibility whatsoever by the time he left the witness box.”

Person 14 also told the court that he saw Mr. Roberts Smith order Afghan soldiers to shoot a detained local man “or I will” during a 2012 mission to Khuz Uruzgan.

Mr. Moses said this was a lie as well.

The final presentation process continues.

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