Late with Ben Harvey: Toni Larosa, a rural rancher turned WA meth bosses

On Monday night’s episode of Up Late, Harvey detailed the unusual case of a Jengin rancher who escaped $10 million worth of methamphetamine using an electromagnetic sealed box built into a car seat.

Tony Larosa, 49, has spent the past five years battling claims he was a big player in the 10-kilogram ice movement – hidden in the Honda Jazz’s built-in “hideout” – up to his family’s farm in Brera.

Larrosa wasn’t driving a Honda but was closely following him with a Sig Sauer pistol loaded into the passenger seat behind him.

And after a trial earlier this year, a district jury agreed with the plaintiffs that a father-to-be had “control and control” over the drug, even though it was being driven by someone else.


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