Garcia “postpones” the withdrawal from the European tour

Former Masters champion Sergio Garcia, one of the most notable players to join LIV Golf, is reported to be currently on hold plans to quit the European Tour in order to remain eligible for the Ryder Cup competition.

The 42-year-old Spaniard said after the British Open two weeks ago that he would likely leave his home in Europe where he “doesn’t feel loved” but the Ryder Cup champion appears to have changed his mind.

“When I finished the (last) Open Championship on Sunday, I said I would probably quit my tour membership,” Garcia was quoted by ESPN as saying on Monday.

“Obviously that means not qualifying for the Ryder Cup because you have to be a member.

“But thanks to the things Jon Ram has said, and I’ve had a couple of good conversations with you guys on the tour, I’m going to put it off.”

Ram, the number 5 in the Spanish world, said this month that he was upset that Garcia, one of Europe’s best Ryder Cup players, would not be eligible to play the biennial event if he renounced his membership and hoped a solution would be found.

Those words carried a lot of weight as they helped convince Garcia, who had already given up his PGA Tour membership, to wait a little longer before deciding whether to put him on the European Tour.

“I want to at least see what happens when the Ryder Cup qualifiers start. Look at what kind of rules and eligibility they have there,” Garcia added.

“If I agree with what they are, I will definitely continue to play as hard as I can in the Tour and try to qualify for this Ryder Cup team.

“And if not, we’ll move on. But it’s definitely something on my mind.”

Henrik Stenson was sacked as captain of the European Ryder Cup 2023 team shortly before the Swede announced he would join the Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series that lured players with promises of big money.


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