Al Shorouk host Natalie Barr has been absent from the program after contracting COVID-19

Viewers got an explanation as to why Sunrise host Natalie Barr has been absent from the show for over a week.

Presenter David Koch revealed Monday that the 54-year-old is in isolation at home after contracting Covid-19.

After a scheduled absence for a family visit in Perth last week – with Kylie Gillies filling in her place at the desk – fans of the show were expecting Barr to return to their screens on Monday.

Instead, Monique Wright stepped in to co-host Monday’s show, leaving with her and Kochi to explain Barr’s absence.

camera iconSunrise host Natalie Barr was absent from the show on Monday after contracting Covid. attributed to him: supplied

“Well everyone has been asking where Nat is, well you might have noticed that she has been missing for the past week or so,” Kochi said.

“She is at home in isolation after testing positive for Covid.”

Sharing a video of Barr cooking a delicious soup, Wright added, she’s been busy.

“But during her vacation, Nat has been so busy; she’s been trying new recipes, and she’s also been making her way through her new wardrobe, doing some early spring cleaning and organizing, because it’s stuck in her bedroom.”

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camera iconKochi, the show’s co-presenter, said the 54-year-old had been busy in isolation at her home. sam rutin attributed to him: news corp australia

Kochie added that Barr had a lot of free time, and she also cleaned out the bathroom cabinets and reorganized the sock drawer.

Wright wondered how much time Barr actually spent cooking and cleaning, noting that the pair had taken the time to switch TV recommendations.

“I was at iso last week with Covid and we were exchanging TV shows,” Wright said.

“She’s going through a lot of TV…I don’t know how much of the cooking drawer and sock organization is done.”

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camera iconBar lives on Sydney’s exclusive North Shore. John Appleard attributed to him: news corp australia

Koshy also reassured fans that Nat was feeling “well,” which he attributed to her receiving four doses of the vaccine.

“She was completely vaccinated, of course — her cough was gone from the four doses,” he said.

“We wish her a speedy recovery.”


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