Marvel Dates 6 Mysterious MCU Movies

Among the series of announcements presented during the San Diego Comic-Con panel at Marvel Studios, the company also left some mysteries to be revealed in the future, with the studio confirming six currently unknown movie dates.

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Soon after, the committee concluded the reveal Black Panther: Wakanda Forever tractorDisney has released a list of six dates it has planned for future Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The dates range from early 2025 to the end of 2026, and will likely include a large portion of the studio’s fifth and sixth phases.

The movie schedule is as follows:

Unrestricted marvel (Disney) is now dated 2/14/25

Unrestricted marvel (Disney) is now dated 7/25/25

Unrestricted marvel (Disney) Now dated 2/13/26

Unrestricted marvel (Disney) is now dated 5/1/26

Unrestricted marvel (Disney) is now dated 24/7/26

Unrestricted marvel (Disney) is now dated 11/6/26

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Although there is no specific information about what exactly these movies are, we do know that two new Avengers Movies Kang . dynasty And the secret warsbetween July 25, 2025 and February 13, 2026, which could give fans a hint at how future movies will look as we get closer to those dates.

In the meantime, fans will turn their attention to the upcoming D23 Expo, which is scheduled for September 9-10, 2022, and it is likely that Marvel Studios will show some capacity again.

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