Keanu Reeves anime planned for two seasons

During San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced BRZRKR The animated series, led by Keanu Reeves, is currently planned for two seasons.

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The anime will be produced by Production IG, and based on BOOM! Comic studio series. It is currently planned for two seasons, although not much is known about how the series will adapt to the series.

Reeves is set to play the main character, which makes sense given that he co-created the comic and co-wrote it with Matt Kindt.

“I had this idea – I wanted a character to hit people in the chest and take their arms off,” Reeves explained at the hearing. “And the idea of ​​someone being violently insulted and trying to find out who they are and how they became and sort of regain their humanity”

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BRZRKR is a brutal epic tale of an immortal warrior battle that lasted 80,000 years through the ages,” reads the official summary. “The man known only as ‘B’ half-human and half-god, is cursed and forced to violence…even when his mind is sacrificed. But after roaming the Earth for centuries, B may have finally found a sanctuary – working for the US government to fight battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In return, B will be given the only thing he wants – the fact of his endless bloodstained existence… and how to end it. “

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