Former tennis star Jelena Dokic shares message of support for those struggling with their mental health

Former world number 4 tennis player Jelena Dokic has shared an inspiring message with thousands of fans about staying strong in the face of adversity.

Since retiring from tennis due to injury in 2014, her weight has been “I got out of controlBecause she wasn’t really ready for…[her] A career to end.” However, Dokic rallied and is now a successful tennis commentator and coach.

So it surprised many when the 39-year-old revealed in early June that she nearly committed suicide just over a month ago.

“The past six months have been tough,” Dokic wrote on Instagram.

“The crying was constant everywhere. From hiding in the bathroom while working, to wiping my tears so no one would see them, to the unstoppable crying at home within my four walls was unbearable.

“The constant feelings of sadness and pain don’t go away and my life has been shattered.”

However, she also said that her life was “saved” by getting professional help, and she has a new message of hope for her 92.8K followers on Instagram.

“I’ve had to make major adjustments in my life and while I had a really tough time especially in April and May and wanted to not be here anymore and finish it all off, I’m really glad I was able to get out of this darkness,” she wrote to my 98.2k followers on Instagram.

“I’m still a work in progress and take it every day every time, but I’m doing really well especially considering where I’m at. I’ve struggled really hard and I’m proud of that.

“I just wanted to share with you all a short message I wrote to myself and have it in my fridge as a daily reminder. I read it in the morning and evening and it keeps me going and gives me a lot of strength.

“Maybe it can help someone else too. If you are having a hard time reading this.”

The letter Dokic wrote to herself is an overwhelmingly positive one, in which she says “Don’t give yourself up in private,” “Know that you are strong, brave and a fighter,” and that you are a “survivor.”

“You get up and get up every day no matter how hard things get. You try to do it over and over again no matter what life throws at you.”

“Life has thrown a lot at you but you are still here fighting. Despite all the struggles and internal battles you are in, you still come every day with courage and wake up with hope.

“You fight and don’t give up even though you feel weak and even though you feel like there’s nothing left to fight for. You hurt, you ache but you are still trying to recover and you are surviving.”


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