Drew Smiley tackles the Cubs while sweeping the Phillies Cubs

Philadelphia – Cubs left-footed Drew Smiley’s last stat streak was good, but his descent was better than expected in the Cubs game 4-3 win over Velez on Sunday.

With the victory, the Cubs completed a three-game streak.

Left retired in the first 14 hitters he encountered. The first hit he gave up, to Bryson Stott in the fifth inning, almost got caught. Stott hit a line going to the left of center, out of reach of Cubs midfielder Christopher Morell, who dived after the ball. The next batter, Alec Boom, drove into Stott one field to the left.

Smyly did well enough to score 1-2-3 in the seventh, but defensive errors cost the Cubs another run. Second base officer David Butt lost a routine pop-up in the sun to drive out of the frame, giving Garrett Stubbs a single. Then, with one exit, catcher Yan Gomez lost his pop-up in a foul area.

The foul extended Kyle Schwarber’s racket, hitting a ground ball in the turn. However, the Cubs left third base unmanned, and Stubbs made it first to third on Earth. Rhys Hoskins, who leads the Phillies, hit one RBI shot across the left side of the field to cut the Cubs’ lead to 4-2.

Cubs slugger Scott Evros replaced Smiley in the seventh inning. Smyly was charged with one earned run and four strokes in six runs.

Cooperstown bound

Buck O’Neill was inducted into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, along with the 2022 class that includes Minnie Minoso, David Ortiz, Tony Olivia, Bud Fowler, Jill Hodges and Jim Cat.

O’Neal made history when he joined the Cubs coaching staff in 1962, becoming the first African-American coach in Major League Baseball. He spent 33 years with the Cubs as a scout, coach and coach. His time with the Cubs, 1956-1988, followed his football career in the Negro Leagues.

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