Andrews criticizes Vic’s choice of ‘hateful’ liberal

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has criticized the Liberal Party’s endorsement of controversial Milton City Council member Moira Deming, calling her political ideologies “hate” and “hate”.

Deming was endorsed for the initial nomination at a Saturday night Liberal Convention in a contest for a Senate seat in the Western Capital District in a state election.

A high school teacher and mother of four will replace Representative Bernie Finn.

Mr Andrews and Health Minister Mary Ann Thomas have expressed outrage at the endorsement, saying her political views are harmful to the LGBT community.

“I’m not here to comment on the Liberal Party and some hate against trans, gays and frankly non-Victorian. That hate doesn’t work,” Andrews said.

“We are all equal. We should all be respected. We should all be safe. We should all be appreciated for who we are and we shouldn’t hide who we are. We shouldn’t be afraid that we won’t be accepted.”

Ms Deming previously called for separate bathrooms for transgender people and spoke out against the Australia Day ban and the withdrawal of Queen Story Time for children.

Andrews said “armed” political discussions could fuel suicide and self-harm rates.

“If you’re trans in this situation, you’re five times more likely to hurt yourself than if you weren’t,” Andrews said. “This is a very serious problem.”

She called Thomas Deming a “clone” of Mr Fenn, who was expelled from the Liberal Party in May for saying abortion should be banned across the state.

“I must say, I am very angry but not surprised,” said Mrs. Thomas.

“What we’ve seen here is a political party that did a big song and dance about firing Bernie Finn and now they’ve pre-selected a version of Bernie Finn.”

Deming made headlines while running for city council in 2020 when she shared controversial views in her candidate’s manifesto submitted to the Victorian Election Commission.

“Resources must be spent wisely, and allocated only on the basis of need, not on signs of identity such as religion, race or sexuality,” she said.

“I would never support the rates used to promote such radical policies as banning Australia Day, the Drag Queen Story Times for young children, or allowing biological males who identify as females to use women’s restrooms and change rooms.”


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