All-stars Ian Hap, Kyle Schwarber see similarities in their careers

Philadelphia — Phillies player Kyle Schwarber went to bed early the night before the Derby Home Run kicks off last Monday in Los Angeles. He had to compete the next day. Wake up to a photo of Cubs defender Ian Hap with the Schwarber family.

“He said, ‘You’ve changed, man,'” Schwarber told the Sun Times, smiling.

Schwarber was a good actor during All-Star Week, too. His wife, 4-month-old son (whom Haup first met), a father, two sisters, their husbands, and two friends came to Los Angeles for the festivities.

“They should all see Ian [the first night]Schwarber said.

Schwarber and Wahab spent a lot of time together the rest of the week. Happ even entered the role of Schwarber’s “towel man,” as Hapbot, during the Derby.

Schwarber and two of his former Cubs teammates, Hap and catcher Wilson Contreras, played together on the National League team. And they shared the field again from Friday through Sunday, when the Cubs swept the Phillies in a three-game series.

Contreras and Schwarber had been to the All-Star Game before, but this was Happe’s first pick.

“We’ve had sort of similar jobs, we’ve had some ups, we’ve had downs,” Schwarber said, referring to himself and Wahab. “And to finally see him get the chance to go out there and show him every day and get rewarded, have all the stars chosen by his peers, it’s a huge honor.”

When Schwarber and Wahab were teammates, they would occasionally compete on the bat.

“You very much want him to be able to play every day, as a talented hitter,” Happ told The Sun Times. “But you want to play by yourself every day.”

After the abridged 2020 season, Schwarber is under no bid, who had the worst career record of .188. He signed with the Nationals for 2021, earned his first All-Star pick, earned him the Red Sox in the trade deadline for a deep playoff stage, then joined the Phillies as another off-season free agent for a four-year, $79 million deal.

Meanwhile, Habb compiled his 2022 breakout season, entering Sunday at the best pace of his career in batting average (.280), base percentage (.367) and strike rate (21.9%).

“You always wish you could do that as teammates,” Happ said. “But to be able to root this guy from afar and record with him and witness his success, and then be able, in a way, to finally experience it together, it was just a complete journey.”

Happ’s success this season has also put him in the middle of trade rumors with Contreras, whose contract status is reminiscent of where the Cubs stood with Jaffe Baez, Anthony Rizzo and Chris Bryant before they traded them last year.

Schwarber said he did not give Hap two cents about life after the Cubs, but they made similar comments.

“At the end of the day, we still play baseball — and we play baseball for really good organizations, too,” Schwarber said. ”Don’t get me wrong: [The Cubs are] Great organization and a great fan base to play for. But outside of it, there are new adventures to discover and new fan bases to get out there [and play for] And different things to deal with. As here, we are trying to end the 10-year drought. ”

Watching Schwarber from afar, he can look from several perspectives at the rebuilding started by the Cubs.

“I will never know the business side; I am just a player.” Our job is to go out there and play every day and play hard and try to help the team win. But the baseball fan inside of me is talking, it’s shocking. It is a big market.

‘I’m not even saying to myself. I’m saying more to Rizz, Kris, and Javy – or there are more conversations now about other guys.’

and so on. The August 2 trading deadline is just over a week old. But the weekend was another small encounter, with the Cubs notching their first sweep in three games of the season.

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