A former stripper claims to be selling Prince Harry’s clothes from the infamous Vegas night

A former stripper is selling a pair of lingerie she claims Prince Harry gave her in Las Vegas.

Carrie Richert says the King gave her the dress during his infamous night in Saine – where he was photographed partying without clothes – a decade ago but she has decided to sell the black pants now because Harry “has become such boring”.

The 43-year-old is auctioning off the dress and swimwear she wore at the time and hopes to fetch nearly $1 million from the sale.

camera iconPeople UK have claimed that Carrie Richert is the woman seen in the buff with Prince Harry in photos taken during a pool game at Harry’s private suite in Las Vegas in August. attributed to him: people in the UK

Her representative told the Sunday Mirror, “Harry has gotten so boring, it’s a real shame. When he was in Vegas, everyone loved him and his sense of fun. These pants are at least a reminder of what he was…when Harry was the fun prince.”

“It’s a shame he’s so serious these days. Even if he’s a married father of two, he still has to let his hair down every now and then—whatever is left of it in any way.”

Carrie, now known as Carrie Royal, allegedly saw Harry naked and use a cue stick to play air guitar when she and his friends joined him and his friends at Encore at the Wynn Las Vegas in August 2012, and after staying for about 20 minutes the prince gave her his pants when he left.

The auction will take place at the Hustler Club in Las Vegas on August 17.

Screenshot from ExtraTV - Note No copyright permission has been granted.  Prince Harry concerts in Las Vegas with American swimmer Ryan Lochte and his friends.
camera iconCarrie Royal claimed to have seen Harry naked and using a cue stick to play air guitar when she joined him and his friends at Encore at the Wynn Las Vegas in August 2012. attributed to him: Unknown/ExtraTV

Carrie previously incorporated lingerie into a striptease act in place, and was previously on display at the city’s Erotic Heritage Museum.

Last year, Harry – who has children Archie, three, and Lily, 13 months, with wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex – finally broke his silence over the shocking photos from 2012, but insisted the situation could have been worse.


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