The Cubs sign the 2022 first-round draft pick by Kid Horton

Philadelphia – Cubs Sign No. 7 overall, Cady Horton’s choice to a $4.45 million bounty on Friday, ensuring they are selected for the first round three days after the draft ended.

The right-hander signed for less than the hole value of approximately $5.71 million, allowing the Cubs to allocate that money to later draft picks.

“We have to try to figure out how we’re going to improve our entire draft,” Dan Kantrowitz, Vice President of Scouting, Dan Kantrowitz, said of the reward groups before the draft. “This plays into the calculus of each choice. Who will we choose, and how much will we pay them?”

Horton’s 2022 season with the University of Oklahoma showed his potential to develop. Having missed the 2021 season for Tommy John’s surgery, he easily entered this season and scored 7.94 ERA through nine games. But he found his rhythm, and a new slide, in the post-season.

“If you had asked me a couple of months ago if Kid Horton would become a major target on the roadmap, I would have been a bit skeptical,” Kantrowitz said in a video conference this week. “But then, fast forward, watching the trajectory of someone like that, how much he has improved, how easy he can be to pick up another floor. Just putting it all together, he’s a very competent athlete, and a clearly great arm.”

In five postseason starts, Horton scored a 2.61 ERA. In his last two matches of the year, against Notre Dame and Ole Miss in the College World Series, he made a total of 24 hitters. Horton was named to the championship team.

“In Omaha, this crowd is crazy,” Horton said in a video call after being drafted. “It’s great to be able to be on that stage.”

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