The Cubs opened the second half with a 15-2 victory over Velez

Philadelphia – The Cubs didn’t come out of their Friday All-Star vacation like a group whose days together were numbered. The hack sack game broke out among the club’s bowlers. Colleagues share stories about their spare time. The Cubs beat Phillies 15-2

The fact is that the August 2 trading deadline threatens to change the roster after 35-57 in the first half. But the way manager David Ross sees it, it’s not a good idea to talk about potential deals before they happen.

“There are all kinds of rumors and speculation but no one really knows,” Ross said. “To go that route. Just I think it’s unhealthy. … If they have questions, they come to my office, and I obviously approach them as best I can. But I’ve learned last year, that it’s not a good idea to start talking through those scenarios.” “.

The Cubs opponent had memories of the old system. Kyle Schwarber, who spent his entire career with the Cubs before they parted ways with him in December 2020, hit Homer solo to score the first game of the game. Nick Castellanos, who became a fan favorite in his half-season with the Cubs in 2019, scooted the right field.

Now, it’s been a few years since the trade deadline meant a mid-season boost from additions like Castellanos for the Cubs. Schwarber’s departure was a precursor to the massive sale the following season.

Ross, taking his own advice, said he realized last year that he didn’t even want many updates from baseball chief operating officer Jed Hoyer as they worked through trade scenarios.

“My main goal is to try to win baseball games,” Ross said. “I don’t want anything affecting that. I don’t want anything affecting my character, I might have some knowledge. So, it keeps me out of the loop.

“We might have conversations now and then. But judging from the past year, the conversation about any particular player could change four or five different times.”

None of the reminders of the approaching deadline seem to weigh on the Cubs at Citizens Bank Park. Not many of them even played for Schwarber or Castellanos – that’s how much the team has changed in the past two years.

After Schwarber put his team Phillies ahead, Cubs starter Justin Steele worked his way out of a third-round stalemate to maintain his team’s one-round deficit. Catcher Willson Contreras, who has been a cabin model as speculation about his future with the Cubs has been around all year, responded by tying the game to fourth place with his own solo Homer.

“He’s very stuck at the moment and he’s trying to be the best player possible for his team, as he’s said a lot, and I think that’s a strong, powerful message he’s sent and also like he has a very good mentality,” Ross said.

Cubs dominated the match in a fifth game. Alfonso Rivas pulled a lead, and Christopher Morell sent him home with a double into left field.

Phillies 1st base officer Rhys Hoskins cut the house pitch in an attempt to catch Muriel from 2nd base. But his wrong throw flew out of Matt Ferling’s reach and into the middle of the field. Morell scored.

Then the Cubs trotted together for a walk from Contreras, hit singles from Seiya Suzuki and Ian Happ, and doubled down from Nico Hoerner and Patrick Wisdom to lead by 7-1.

Nelson Velasquez, with the first multiplayer game of his career, Hap, with another RBI song, and Suzuki, with his home run, put the finishing touches to the Cubs’ offensive efforts in the late innings. Happ and Suzuki led the team with four strokes each, and Happ tied his career high while Suzuki had a personal best.

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