No cash back Libya: Gaddafi’s wife

The widow of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has appealed a court ruling in Malta ordering Bank of Valletta to return 95 million euros (AU$144 million) to Libya deposited by Mutassim, Gaddafi’s late son.

Safiya Farkash Muhammad and her lawyers say the courts lacked jurisdiction and were not in a position to adjudicate the case over the money.

The verdict was handed down at the end of June after a legal battle that began in 2012, a year after Gaddafi was toppled and killed.

Mutasim, who was also killed, was found in possession of several Bank of Valletta credit cards as the owner of a company registered in Malta.

The appeal was filed on behalf of Gaddafi’s heirs by Maltese lawyer Luis Cassar Policino. No date has been set for a hearing.

The original court had upheld the Libyan attorney general’s arguments that according to Libyan law, as an army officer, Mutassim was prohibited from taking advantage of any business interests.

Furthermore, he did not provide a full declaration of assets as required by law.

In her appeal, the widow said that the Libyan laws cited in the case are criminal laws, but that no criminal case has been brought against Mutassim Gaddafi or his heirs.


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