Meghan Markle accused of flirting with allegations of Rory McIlroy’s new book

Meghan Markle flirted so badly with Rory McIlroy that her boyfriend demanded to know if she cheated on him with the golf champ, a new book claims.

McIlroy, now 33, met Markle, now 40, after he “unexpectedly” nominated her for an ice bucket challenge – and she insisted he come to her friend’s New York City apartment to throw ice at her himself, Sixth page reports.

The August 2014 clash came just weeks after the 25-year-old Northern Irishman won the British Open, Tom Power writes in his new book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsorreleased in the UK this week.

“McIlroy just broke up with his blonde fiancée, Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, and was said to have been stalking brunettes,” Bauer wrote.

After McIlroy and Markle posted the Ice Bucket Challenge video, which raised money for motor neuron disease research, they enjoyed a drink at the Fitzpatrick Hotel, where the athlete was staying.

They were spotted by the hotel’s owner, John Fitzpatrick, who invited them to join him at dinner with 20 friends in Cipriani that night.

The next morning, McIlroy arrived [at Ridgewood Country Club] 30 miles away to play in a new competition. Worst of wearing it after a tumultuous night, Bauer wrote, it’s back in 101st.

However, he refused to sleep as usual near the golf course to be ready the next day. Instead, he went back to New York to see Meghan. His performance suffered.

“I wasn’t quite at my game,” he later admitted. “I was enjoying myself.”

Back home in Toronto for the weekend with her boyfriend, chef Corey Vitello, Markle gushed about the sports star on her now-defunct blog, “The Tig.”

“Uh yeah. Rory McIlroy. Rory McIlroy. He whispered (and yelled) to be the number one golfer in the world, loved by Tiger, respected by Palmer, and dumped by the freezing water on my head solo in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. That’s Rory McIlroy.

“He’s a force with a penchant for hard work and playing hard – enjoying intense practice to prove his title, embracing nights of sipping Opus One (his bold and impressive selection of wine) and indulging in a group dinner at Cipriani – for balance of course.

“However, in addition to his work/play ethic, this man’s most endearing trait is his personality – he is as real and honest as they come, appreciates a simple smile, never disregards fan image, enjoys a plate of pasta with veal, and rarely expresses love for his parents What men see his age. Or what age, to be honest. It’s not just a real deal… It’s real. And that’s probably what makes him most cherish.”

Bauer writes that Markle, then starring suitKeen to use their close relationship to promote themselves,” she said, adding, “She encouraged the media to publish photos of McIlroy and herself. As she later admitted, “She would sometimes make a photo for the paparazzi or let the information float to the press.”

When Vitello asked her if she was having an affair with McIlroy, Markle insisted their time together was innocent, Bauer wrote. “He believed it.”

Bauer wrote that in the same year, Markle used the communications to get a chance to speak at the One Young World conference in Dublin.

Excited about her trip, she posted a message to an Irish friend of McIlroy: ‘Shut up something. I go out there from the 14th to the 17th of October. Have a great night X MM,” Bauer writes.

Markle and her boyfriend traveled from Toronto on a Netjet pushed by McIlroy, sources told Bauer.

On October 17, Markle and McIlroy dined at Dublin’s fine dining restaurant Fade Street Social. She was seen looking ‘smitten,’ staring intently at McIlroy, by a gossip columnist, and Vitello was annoyed.

Once again he challenged Megan. “Was there an affair?” he asked angrily.

Bauer wrote emphatically that Meghan denied cheating on him. She said she and McIlroy were just friends and “believed it again.”

Markle’s agent called the newspaper to make a correction, and the next day, printed a story about Markle and Vitiello, saying: “They are madly in love…the two were sewn at the hip the entire time they were in Ireland.”

Bauer concludes that Meghan was “relaxed”. “The golfer wasn’t her future, and Corey was still working as her facilitator in Toronto.”

This article originally appeared Sixth page It has been republished with permission.

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