Lucas Giolito, White Sox writer, has a picnic to forget

All-star break for four days, along with Lucas Giolito Previous domination against the Guardians, it was meant to be a long respite for the White Sox memorial staff.

But that master plan met with success after Giulito allowed six runs and only lasted three rounds in the Sox losing 8-2 in Friday’s series opener against the Guardians.

Sox will need height from Johnny Quito And the Lance Lin in a split-headed double on Saturday to make up for Giolito’s shortest outing since April 19, 2021, when he allowed eight runs (seven won) in one round against the Red Sox in Boston.

boss Tony La Russa The whole bull said, out Jimmy LambertIt will be available on Saturday. The 27th Sox for the double man will be the jug.

The Guardians didn’t hit Giolito, as evidenced by the fact that seven of the nine hits had exit speeds slower than 80 mph. But they were communicating frequently, and Andres Jimenez The first half of four runs capped off with two home runs.

“[Giolito] He knows we need roles,” La Rossa said. ‘He definitely wanted to go back there. Sometimes this isn’t just your day.’

Giulito entered the game with 1.77 ERAs in his career against the Guardian, including 0.99 ERAs in his last 10 matches against them.

“Just a tough walk,” Giolito said. ”He. She [stinks]. It’s a game of results, so getting bad results, putting the team in trouble, I have to find a way to be better. ”

All the insult Sox could muster was double the RBI Jose Abreu The RBI grounder by Yasmani Grandal In the third group.

juggling rotation?

Sox was eager to protect Michael Kubisch Arm in his first full season as a rookie. He will probably make his next start on Tuesday in Denver on 10 rest days, and will be packed on Sunday Dylan Size Third start in a row in six rest days.

The Sox have three days off scheduled until August 8, which allows them to juggle their rotations to ensure the health of their freshmen.

“We will remain open and flexible, and hopefully these are the five of them [starters] They keep themselves healthy and strong and answer the call every fifth day ”, General Manager Rick Han He said.

Montgomery streak ends

shortstop Colson Montgomery A series of back-to-back games to get to base ended safely at 50 in Winston Salem’s 3-2 loss to Roma. Montgomery, the Sox’s first pick in the 2021 draft, went 0 for 4 with two hits.

this and that

Defending player Winston Salem Terrell Tatum 50 games were suspended without pay after testing positive for amphetamine-type doping in violation of minor league drug policy.

“Unfortunate,” Han said. ”The child erred. But he chose not to appeal and will serve his sentence.”

• The Sox has signed seven non-certified players to contracts, according to Baseball America. they catcher troy clanch Oregon, right holders Drew McDaniel Mississippi and Cool Ram From Arkansas, left-handed Ben Butel Iowa and Jonah Scolaro Florida State, defensive player Chris Lanzelli Arkansas and second baseman Matt Archer from UCF.

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