Chaos mounts in turf splendor as Uber prices increase

As splendor in the grass plows forward after Disastrous first day Ticket holders revealed another element in the festival’s chaos.

Uber costs for delivery to the festival soared to $250 on Friday night, with some popular camping spots around Byron Bay and Mullombimbe in short supply for Uber rides on Saturday.

The high demand has led many festival-goers who have dumped savings on tickets, supplies, accommodation and other festival fees to social media in an effort to split the cost of travel.

The high prices come after inclement weather forced the cancellation of the first day of the festival.

Thousands of festival-goers were forced to retreat to Byron Bay last night after major theatrical performances including Gorillas as well as Avalanches and Casey Musgraves were canceled as frantic weather turned the festival site into a flooded swamp.

Unlucky ticket holders who had to travel through muddy waters were promised a refund.

The second day was by far less chaotic, with Tami Grace The only major act pulled out, but attendees looking to enjoy non-stop music had to contend with the high cost of getting there.

For fans looking to travel to the festival from any of the suggested off-site camping sites on the Splendor website, expect to see ride-sharing and taxi prices go up due to increased demand and a limited number of cars driving up prices.

People looking to ride from Byron or Mollumbimbe may not be able to book an Uber for a while.

But for those who have managed to grab a ride – prepare to spend upwards of $120 for an UberX or between $190 and $200 for an UberXL if you’re traveling from First Sun Holiday Park or the popular Mullumbimby Rugby Leagues.

And with car availability dwindling – you may not have a choice in what kind of Uber you’ll pay for.

Many who had to return from Splendor after a miserable day noted the high prices of the rides.

While posting on the Facebook group ‘Splendor In The Grassers 2022’ Friday night, Riley Lynch was unimpressed by the $150 charge on the way back from Splendor to Byron Bay.

It’s not just getting to Splendor that proves there’s a problem.

For many, finding a way to get back home – especially across the states – is the real problem as flight prices are also rising.

A carrier who made the 18.5-hour drive from Melbourne to the Byron Events farm with a friend posted a desperate plea for help as she had to cancel her ticket and go back – leaving her friend stranded with camping gear and supplies and no transport back to Melbourne.

“Due to some very sensitive and personal issues, I unfortunately had to leave the event,” Rachel Spencer said in her post.

“We got in my car, and I had to leave (my friend) there to fend for myself.

“He has a tent, a bombing mattress, a little esque, his suitcase and his pretty soul and attitude that he can do. We are currently trying to find a way to go home on Monday.”

Spencer said the biggest problem stopping her friend from buying a plane ticket or ordering an Uber was the exorbitant cost that her friend had no way to pay.

She explained, “Tickets are $600 for flights, and do not include carrying all of his supplies, Uber fees, and returning home from the airport.”

“The trains take 24 hours and it is impossible for him to carry all his things by himself.”

Spencer appealed to any “nice, beautiful and amazing souls” who would be willing to help her friend get back to Melbourne on Monday.


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