Paige Spiranac defends sausage-eating competitions

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Not many people can stand the sausage-eating contests. Paige Speranak is not one of them.

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Part-time golfer, full-time social media influencer has taken to Twitter to defend tournaments and perennial champion Joey Chestnut.

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Spiranac posted a video on July 4 in a bikini with stars and stripes eating hot dogs.

“Last year, I counted the number of hot dogs I could eat in 10 minutes, and the idea of ​​it makes me want to vomit,” Spiranac said.

“Instead, I’ll show you the techniques I’ve chosen from the world’s best sausage lover.”

Last year Spiranac posted a hot dog video as well and occasionally has food-related tweets.

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She even asked the critic to “lighten up” after she posted herself making a milkshake.

Chestnut won another hot dog eating contest this week.

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